After a few years of his apprenticeship with a master potter Nakazato Tarouemon 13th at Karatsu in Kyushu, Japan, Somluk Pantiboon returned to his native Chiang Rai and set up Doy Din Dang Pottery outside Chiang Rai city in 1991. Doy Din Dang means “Red Clay Hill” referring to its surrounding lateral ridges covered with red soil.

Somluk himself is a ceramic artist and has been showing his art works internationally, but he also has trained the nearby villagers to become skillful potters or pottery workers over the years. Under his leadership, Doy Din Dang maintains high quality craftsmanship in their hand-thrown stoneware and insists throughout on the use of natural resources for creating aesthetic texture and colors on the products while providing non-chemical ingredients in the wares.

To this end, the kiln fashions tableware including vases, bowls, teapots, platters, large or small sized pots amongst others which are utilitarian yet aesthetically pleasing pieces. Designs are a blend of the contemporary and the traditional promising to be both functional yet decorative to suit any lifestyle.

Doy Din Dang products are generally:
- stoneware
- high-fired
- wheel-thrown
- made of natural glazes derived from wood, bamboo, ash,
rice stalks, leaves and clay
- crafted in what might be termed the contemporary Asian style
- inspired by the wonderment of clay